Ted Parker Lumberton NC: The Rise and Fall

Ted Parker Lumberton NC

Ted Parker was a prominent figure in the mobile home industry in Lumberton, NC, known for his entrepreneurial spirit and ambitious business ventures. Ted Parker Lumberton NC was synonymous with innovation, as his unwavering commitment to quality earned him a stellar reputation among his peers and customers alike, making him a respected leader in the community.

Rise to Success

Parker opened his mobile home company, Ted Parker Home Sales, in 1980 and quickly grew it into a major player in the region. During the peak of the mobile home market in the 1990s, Parker expanded his business and even built an extravagant 13,000-square-foot mansion in Lumberton, complete with amenities like a pool modeled after a Puerto Rican resort and imported chandeliers. Parker’s success allowed him to become a well-known figure in the community, known for his generosity and willingness to help others.

Downfall and Bankruptcy

However, Parker’s fortunes took a turn in the late 1990s as the mobile home industry began to decline. In 1999, Parker sold his business to Affordable Shelter, a subsidiary of Pioneer Housing in Georgia.  Shortly after, Bonanza Homes, the new company operating out of Parker’s former dealership, faced a slew of customer and contractor complaints, with allegations of unpaid bills and undelivered homes.  This led to the closure of the Lumberton office and the eventual bankruptcy filing by Bonanza Homes.

Legacy and Mansion Sale

Despite his business troubles, Parker remained a prominent figure in Lumberton until his passing in 2024 at the age of 71. After moving out of his lavish mansion a few years prior, Parker’s iconic home was eventually listed for sale at $3.29 million, with the new agent hoping to attract interest from Chinese investors. The mansion, which Parker had poured $12 million into, stood as a testament to his former success and the changing fortunes of the mobile home industry in North Carolina.

Ted Parker left behind a strong legacy in North Carolina as a prosperous mobile home business owner who overcame obstacles in his later years to build a profitable company from the ground up.

In the 1990s, when the mobile home industry was at its height, Parker expanded Ted Parker Home Sales, which he had founded in Lumberton, North Carolina, into a significant force in the area. His prosperity enabled him to construct a lavish 13,000-square-foot estate in Lumberton.

But as the mobile home market started to deteriorate in the late 1990s, Parker’s fortunes changed. In 1999, he sold his company to Affordable Shelter. After receiving complaints from customers, the new business that was housed in Parker’s previous dealership, Bonanza Homes, ultimately declared bankruptcy.

Parker maintained his status as a well-known person in Lumberton until his death in 2024 at the age of 71, despite his financial difficulties. His famous mansion was eventually put up for sale a few years earlier, asking $3.29 million.

Parker was known as a modest, industrious man who rose from poverty to prominence in the mobile home sector. He was hailed as a “legend and pioneer” who profoundly influenced the lives of numerous Lumberton residents.

Although the results of the obituary highlight a different Ted Parker, an ornithologist, the search results depict the Ted Parker from North Carolina as a driven businessman who battled difficulties along the way to great success and a lasting legacy in his community.


There is no clear evidence of a crisis related to Ted Parker or his mobile home business in the provided search results. The results focus on Parker’s rise to success in the mobile home industry in Lumberton, North Carolina in the 1980s and 1990s, his lavish lifestyle and mansion, and his eventual decline and passing.

In what ways does Ted Parker’s estate embody his character and manner of doing business?

Extravagance and Luxury: Parker constructed a 13,000-square-foot mansion with opulent features like an elevator-equipped home cinema, chandeliers brought from abroad that were initially intended for singer Michael Bolton, and a pool styled after a Puerto Rican resort. This degree of extravagance showed that he was willing to spend extensively on his personal initiatives and that he could indulge in the better things in life.

Attention to Detail: Parker’s propensity to dream large and pay attention to detail was evident in the mansion’s design and amenities. In order to construct the mansion, he brought in a woodworker from Switzerland by plane, demonstrating his willingness to spend money on fine craftsmanship and his ambition for an exceptional and striking home.

Generosity and Community Impact: Parker was well-known for his generosity and commitment in the community, even with his opulent lifestyle. The N.C. Department of Transportation first rejected his request to build a turn lane on a rural section of N.C. 72, but he overcame it, proving his commitment to the area and his capacity to have a big influence.

Financial Sense: Parker’s mansion was a testament to his entrepreneurial energy and financial savvy. He constructed the house in the 1990s, during the height of the mobile home market, a time of great expansion and success for his company. The mansion served as both a representation of his success and an example of his ability to seize business opportunities.

Legacy & Legacy Building: Parker wanted to leave a lasting legacy, therefore the home served as both a personal luxury and a means of doing so. It served as a tangible reminder of his influence on the community and a symbol of his achievement. He sold the mansion to Chinese investors, but it continued to be a prominent landmark in Lumberton, drawing interest from prospective buyers even after that.

Ted Parker’s mansion demonstrated his capacity for big thinking, quality project investment, and community effect. In summary, it was a representation of his personality, business style, and legacy. ted parker lumberton nc exemplified these traits through his mansion, showcasing his dedication to excellence and his influential role in the local community.


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